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New Rentcharlie Posts Detail Benefits of Rent-Anything Sharing Economy Service


CALGARY, Alberta — A report recently released by Statistics Canada depicts a thriving domestic sharing economy that is still growing steadily. With almost ten percent of those surveyed by the federal government bureau reporting use of ride- or accommodation-sharing services in the preceding year, Canadians spent $1.31 billion on these parts of the peer-to-peer economy alone.

As new listings on the Rentcharlie show, there are now even more accessible and rewarding ways to participate in the sharing economy. The website, has a simple, straightforward interface that connects would-be renters to those who own anything from party tents or sporting goods to farm equipment, Rentcharlie enables and streamlines an especially useful form of sharing. For years, the pioneering service has helped neighbors in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere connect, with millions of items listed. The new resources at help make the many benefits of this especially versatile facet of the sharing economy even clearer.

“Like so many other Canadians, as revealed in the new Statistics Canada report, we’re big fans of the way that the sharing economy can help strengthen communities and connect neighbors to one another,” said Rentcharlie representative James Anderson. “Renting from a neighbor instead of buying, though, can achieve even more than that. We’ve just published some new posts that detail many of the other advantages of this approach to procuring things that might only occasionally be needed. From cutting back on waste and helping the environment to reducing household costs, peer-to-peer renting is as beneficial as it is easy for those who use our service.”

Since its 1971 creation, the federal Statistics Canada agency has collected data and issued regular reports on a huge range of topics relating to life and business within the country. On February 28, the agency for the first time released a general report covering participation by Canadians in the so-called “sharing economy” exemplified to many by services like Uber and Airbnb. In the one-year period covered by the study, Statistics Canada researchers estimated that nearly ten percent of all adult Canadians made use of ride- or accommodation-sharing services.

Rentcharlie is a pioneer of another form of neighbor-to-neighbor sharing. With an easy-to-use online system that allows for the listing of almost any kind of personal property or business equipment, the service makes it simple and safe for individuals to rent just about anything in peer-to-peer fashion. New posts at the Rentcharlie website detail a number of less-obvious ways by which this service can benefit both those who list items and those who rent them.

About Rentcharlie:
Rent anything to or from a neighbor with Rentcharlie, a peer-to-peer rental service that helps strengthen communities, saves users money and reduces environmental waste.

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Affordable Yet Effective Internet Marketing Strategies and Tips

It really is important that you will have to consider a number of things when you have decided to run an online business because of the fact that there are just so many things that you could choose to have considered. These techniques have been revised on a regular basis but to make sure that you will have a good understanding on what really matters is a way for you to ensure that you will have a good start throughout.

There have been a number of affordable internet marketing methods and approaches that you could find but to consider including the most efficient and effective ones as per your case is better and more important on a general note. Keep in mind that it will most likely be in your best interest to make sure that you will have to be specific about the audience.

A niche audience may not offer that much of traffic but in the long run, this is what secures that you will have steady purchase on a regular basis. Invest accordingly on such regard and make sure that you will make research to confirm how you can effectively reach them.

Quality should then follow afterwards because in every business industry, quality is what aces great return and revenue. As search engines have evolved through the years, quality is what really matters in the process and also is considered to the life and blood of your business. To have your audiences engaged not just in your on-site activity but also social media is a way to confirm that your business has quality content.

See to it that you will also opt to build your list accordingly as well. There basically are a number of ways for one to have a strong list built and newsletters are among the best ways to do so. Once you have newsletters, you can be certain that this could be used until the future. Doing so will ensure that your business will have a kickstarter.

Don’t forget the power that you could get from using social media sites. Technically speaking, it really is vital to consider such because of the fact that people are becoming more and more in tune with social media sites. With such exposure, chances are that you will be able to not just increase publicity for your website but also assure that you will increase your sales and whatnot. Of all the internet marketing methods and techniques that you could find, to consider social media is a way to boost your business’ reputation and stability.

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The Qualifications That Make A Builder A Suitable One The current scenario in the education sector has necessitated the acquisition of other professional skills. Relying on one kind of certification will make you irrelevant and you need to be in the know on what other people in your field are doing to upgrade themselves. It is important for those in the sector of building to add more skills to those they have by learning what is necessary. There are people that need unique structures, and they, therefore, need people that have updated knowledge in such kind of structures. Global warming can be increased by those buildings that release or reflect more energy into the atmosphere thereby increasing the atmospheric temperatures. One of the important certifications that the current builder must have is the one dealing with green buildings. The examination was brought into place not so long ago and it aims to examine people on the current building practices that are required. The modern builder has to undergo training for buildings that are conceived in an environmental way, energy efficient and the requirements that render a building green. Getting to know what needs to be done when constructing makes your life a whole lot easier as a builder. There might be some legal or educational requirements that might be mandatory for those intending to get accredited. Before individuals get to take the exam, it is vital for them to look upon the subject matter and take the training course because there is more information that is associated with certification. Many training courses provide questions and practice tests that prepare the professional builders for the real thing. The leaders of the course will train the builders on what needs to be done for them to be fully qualified or accredited. All the builders should undergo a green training because the current world encourages establishment of green buildings. Builders who have the certification in energy, environmental design appeal to those who want to reduce their costs by becoming more energy efficient. Accredited individuals usually build buildings that are efficient in the long run.
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One can go ahead and get some other more professional courses that can make them more sell-able and some of these courses include interior design, operations and maintenance, home design and neighborhood planning. The builders are subjected to online questions of which they must answer for them to be certified. To pass the exam and become qualified, a score above half of the whole is needed. If you would not want to be caught on the wrong side of failing to get the certification, you can opt to be preparation program where things are done as in the real case with the original examinations.The Path To Finding Better Homes

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Best SSD Web Hosting: Benefits to Your Business’ Website Solid state drive or SDD is the latest type of computer storage device, which is found in many high-end laptops and desktops, and it is used in the hosting industry and by large corporations in storing data within their server infrastructure. With the advancement of technology and innovation, SSDs are representing an important departure point from the traditional structure of hard drives. When it comes to the major difference between traditional hard drives and SSDs is that traditional hard drives have to move mechanical parts, while SSDs are purely electronic, without any moving components. Traditional hard drives have limited ability in reading and writing data into their disk platters, with the aid of an arm or actuator and a spinning disk or platter. SSD have no moving parts because the data is sent or written electronically to the storage space. SSDs are more reliable and faster than their SATA or SAS predecessors. When it comes to the measurement of speed performance of storage area networks (SAN), hard disk drives (HDD), and solid state drives (SSD), input/output operations per second or IOPS is used. SSDs range from 4,600 to 75,000 IOPS depending on the disk capacity, whereas traditional hard drives only have IOPS ranging from 80 to 180 IOPS. Obviously, SSDs are incredibly fast as compared to their mechanical ancestors which are traditional hard drives. So in any business, you need speed for your website, that’s why major search engines consider the speed of loading web pages as one of the ranking factors. With the use of SSD web hosting, speed plays a major role in the overall customer experience, which means more sales. For instance, a slow website upon checkout may lead to customer frustration, leading to cart abandonment, or exiting from the website completely. As expected, major search engines strive hard to offer the best customer experience for people using their search tools, so they really take into account data speed when ranking websites. SSD web hosting services ensure that your website has a reliable speed that applies whether you sell online or not. Not all web hosting companies have deployed SSD across all their servers, this is because of the prohibitive costs of hard drive replacements. If you just want a basic web presence for your website, then don’t need to worry about speed, but if you want to offer a better customer experience, and a better ranking among search engines, then switching to SSD web hosting is required. When it comes to reliability, SSD web hosting is very reliable because it doesn’t use platters or data arm found in mechanical devices or hard drives. SSD usage is greener, requiring less energy and consuming only one-fifth of the electricity that mechanical devices use. If you’re looking for a cheaper SSD web hosting services, feel free to view our website for more details.The Essential Laws of Webhosting Explained

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Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Digital Marketing Company Most businesses seeking the help of digital marketing companies choose the wrong ones at the end of the day. This is because they choose any agency that claims to have what it takes to deliver. If you are shopping for such an agency, it is important to approach the task carefully. How do you choose a reliable one? Experience is an important thing to consider. Get to know the types of projects the agency has managed before and the results they got. It is important to ask to speak to their clients. A reliable agency would be willing to refer you to as many clients as you want. Past customers would provide firsthand information concerning whether an agency is worth hiring. It pays to choose among agencies that have experience in the industry you are in. Such an agency would be familiar with all workable marketing techniques in this industry. Your goals and objectives should dictate the types of marketing agency to choose. It could be that an agency is an authority in your niche. All in all, this does not mean that they would steer your business towards its goals. If you are targeting improved visibility and new leads, make certain that your choice agency can help you achieve the same. It is important to choose among agencies that go out of their way to know your needs and the needs of your business. They should also be ready to explain how they would help you meet your objectives. The size of the company is an important factor to consider. Do not assume that the biggest firms are the best. While such agencies usually have enough resources to handle any type of project, chances are that they would not you’re your marketing project quality attention. Most big agencies usually pass on some projects to their junior marketers. In case you are a startup, choosing among smaller, reliable agencies would be a wise decision. Ensure that your choice agency would not outsource your project.
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Project tracking and reporting are factors that you should inquire about. Assuming that an agency would deliver simply because they claim so would be a bad move. To avoid unpleasant surprises down the line, ask about progress tracking and the specific tools the agency uses. You should also inquire regarding frequency and metrics. You need a practical way of determining whether the campaigns are yielding results.
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You should not hire a company without inquiring about fees. You should be sure that your choice agency would charge a fee that falls within your budget range. It is essential to try to negotiate a fair contract. Some agencies would be willing to lower their fees if you sign a longer contract. Whatever you do, do not choose a provider based on service charges only.

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What People Can Expect When They Purchase A Turnkey Website Buying a website business online would be a little intimidating, purchasing anything online can be very intimidating if people have not done it before and does not have the knowledge and experience needed. When People gets to buy a turnkey website, people would not get to see the seller face to face and would usually rely on consumer review website to know if a purchase is that of a great idea for people to invest in. The best sign of a good seller is if people have a certain way to reach them using their website, they mostly have a great selection of various turnkey website that they can purchase to be easily used for their website. Once the seller of the turnkey website is older than a year or two then this would get to show that their business practices are honest and what they have promised to offer would get to be deliver to them. The first step mostly involves the buyer to authorize the transaction using online payment gateway or sending money the old fashioned way using money order because of the reason that they are safer and also reliable to send money. Once the company gets to confirm the purchase, then they can try to receive a confirmation message to the email address that they have entered in during the check-out process or also to their own email account. The email would usually get to contain information which has the important steps in buying a turnkey website, it would get to show how the company can get to update their affiliate program ink data.
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The email can also get to show businesses how the domain process can get to work, it can also show people how they can easily login to their cpanel and what types of hosting gets to be offered to them. The business needs to carefully read this email and the instructions so that they would fully understand what is required of them in order for them to take ownership of their business and they need to not wait too long and ask questions.
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It is vital for businesses to keep in mind that a turnkey website seller, no matter how well trusted they are would not be held responsible for their lack of action about their turnkey website. The seller company would also get to offer people with instructions on how they can get to set-up an account at a domain retailer, they need to take ownership of the domain name after their website gets to be set-up and updated. The turnkey website are one of the best things that businesses need to invest in so that they can be sure they can make their business to be successful.

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The Important Things That You Must Know About Turnkey Websites What are turnkey websites? They are websites that have been pre built so that they can end up meeting your website needs at the end of the day.The ability of the turnkey websites to be built by the professionals means that they have the ability of providing you with income. It does not matter if you want to work on the part time basis or the full time basis but you can be assured that you will be able to make money that will improve your life at the end of the day.It does matter if choose to work part time or as a full time person but what is important is that the turnkey website will proved you an income that will improve your life.The improvements in the level of technology has ensured that you are able to easily manage your website.You will have the opportunity to access the websites via a lot of platforms such as the laptop and the phones. The advancements that have come along with the technology also means that there are a lot of people that are able to access the internet which means that a high number of individuals are bale to access your website.You can choose to increase the number of people that access your website by posting the link on the social media so that you can increase the traffic on your website.More traffic to the turnkey website will means that you will be able increase the earnings that will boost your life in the long run. There are so many benefits that comes with owning of the turnkey website, the advantages include the following.One of the benefit that will make you choose the turnkey websites for sale is because you do not need the technical experience before you start operating the website.You do not have to go for the special training before you can operate the turnkey website.The turnkey website are able to be customized basing on what will be beneficial to you ,this means that the website can be made in the way that you will love.
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You can be sure that the turnkey website will be up and running in a few hours.You should know that the cost of setting up the turnkey website is very low which means that you will be able to stick within your budget.The turnkey websites have the pre-built ability to sell your products that you did not make or create.
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In purchasing of the turnkey websites for sale you will be able to get the needed supports at any given time.Availability if support ensure that you are bale to manage the website efficiency without any problems.

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Fascinating Stories Around the globe You Should Know in March 2107 Our planet is full of interesting stories. Each day, million of events happen across the world. It would be hard to know what’s going around our world without the media. Our world is interconnected luckily because of the web You can now find out whatever is happening across the world instantly. A website that you can rely on for news has to be Eastern Daily. On this website, you can get the latest news. You can get both local and international news. If you are asking yourself about what interesting stuff is happening right now, then the rest of the article talks about that. The article will hopefully enjoyable Happiness Report Unveiled A report about happiness around the world has been released. The happiness index was released on march 20th to match the world happiness day. The happiest nation in the world according to the report is Norway. Denmark and Iceland are the second and third happiest nations according to the report. The index was compiled after speaking with 1000 respondents per country in over 150 nations. Some of the questions asked touched on the economy, quality of life, economy etc. War torn countries came last in the in the index. In terms of happiness, the least happiness nation is Central Africa Republic. But what is more surprising is that the war torn Syria was not last in the list.
Why No One Talks About News Anymore
Global Teacher Prize
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Maggie MacDonnel won the global teacher prize. The teacher hails from one of Canada’s most remote Village. She was praised by Canada’s Prime minister Justin Trudeau Mrs MacDonnel was feted due to her efforts in fighting suicide rates among youths in her community. Uber President Resigns The leading taxi booking app Uber, has announced the resignation MR. Jeff Jones Jones resigned from his post just after six month because of the serious allegations facing the firm. Uber is facing allegation of sexual harassment and sexism. Senior executive were not happy after the resignation of MR. Jones. Marriage Proposal At Adele’s Music Concert. The leading female musician in the world Adele was performing in Australia. A totally unexpected moment occurred at the concert where a man named Wade proposed to his partner Chris. When Adele invited the guys on stage, she was not aware of what would happen next. Wade stunned the whole crowd when he kneeled down and popped the question. Adele said congratulations to the couple Finally as you seen above, Eastern daily is full of interesting news. The most interesting news occurring internationally and locally are reported by the hardworking team. If you want to get the latest news everyday then subscribe to the Eastern news.

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Why You Should Sell Your Old Electronic Gadgets for Cash There is a tendency for people to accumulate various types of electronic gadgets for many reasons. One of the reasons is that many manufacturers have begun creating many new features of gadgets that will be more adequate for the people’s needs, improving of its size, weight, battery life, and other features, like a cellphone for instance, which used to be only for communication has evolved into a multi-functional device. Therefore as technological manufacturers tries to catch up with various demands and birthing different types of gadgets for varying needs, marketers in its attempt to sell those, tries to hatch as many schemes to allure its potential customers from prize reduction to partnering with telco’s and etc. Then consumers, while getting the latest version, are still left with their old functioning units which are no longer valuable to them. And so what these owners can do is to dispose of these gadgets since there are many companies today that buy electronic devices for cash. If you spend time finding these companies it can help you get your old devices sold so that you can get enough cash to look for newer ones. Other than that, selling those unused electronics for cash saves the manufacturers who can refurbish whatever parts or material it can recover and put them in proper use, instead of sourcing them out from our natural environment. In worse scenarios, unused electronic gadgets when it has been with you for an extended period of time, ends up in our landfills somehow. This then becomes a health hazard because these devices, once they deteriorate, can release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. These chemicals can either saturate the ground water aquifer or be emitted out into the atmosphere affecting the air the we breathe. Which means that selling them instead will reduce those hazards. You have no longer any reason to keep your devices. You will be paid right away for the old electronic devices that you bring to these companies. Many companies can already be found online, operating twenty four hours, and you can even choose the mode of payment and time of pick up for your devices. These companies also have a complete list of price quotes that is valid for thirty days to enable you to have a spot check on how much you will get out of that excess gadget that you are keeping.
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Looking for a dependable company that can pay you for your electronic devices easily and quickly should always be your guide or your direct lead.The Beginner’s Guide to Electronics

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Understanding the Benefits of SEO to Your Business Search engine optimization involves free organic listings, and when your company website belongs to the top ranking results of search engines, you really don’t need to pay per click or set aside a budget for advertising. With paying just the upfront cost of SEO services and a little bit of effort, you can receive consistent traffic without paying $10 for each person who clicks on your ad. SEO remove the need to have thousands of advertisements online, and it will drop to nothing when it stops, unlike paid ads. Maximize your business efforts through SEO to see a clear picture of increased traffic for your website, with its analytics and reporting tools. Traffic increases in a steady rate and SEO will give you the results as soon as you start your SEO efforts, with the utilization of tools to track traffic to your website, being able to clearly watch the number of people visiting your website and the number of sales in generates. According to research, many online users trust the first listing they see on major search engines, and it becomes a basis for reliability and credibility, making the brand that competitors want to beat. The further back your website are on rankings, the more online users are skeptical about your website. Many people are annoyed with ads so they install blockers on their browsers to get rid of them, but with SEO you can be on top of major search engines and this gives your website the credibility it needs that no ad can beat. SEO is a form of marketing that can convert visitors to buyers because your website is readily visible, reliable and credible because it belongs to the top ranking results. Return of investment is faster and higher and people who are satisfied can share or tag your website to their family and friends so they can also try it themselves. With SEO, thousands of visitors can be generated most especially if you have a good web design with informative and helpful contents, user-friendly interface, simple navigation, multiple devices compatibility, and attractive layout. There are millions of websites on the internet and it is really difficult to make a name for yourself, and same is true if your offered product and services are highly competitive. SEO will help your brand stand out from your competitors, with good web design, influence marketing, and social media marketing, you will definitely hit increased sales like you never did before. The results are amazing, and data are also readily available with SEO, serving as you basis for smart actions for your other marketing methods.Figuring Out Businesses

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