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There comes a time when you are faced with truancy issues in your company. Significant losses and reduced production is reported when your employees are ever on leave. There are few steps you should take to make your employees accountable for unplanned for absence.

As companies handle various issues differently, so are there ways to manage absenteeism in your business. It is impossible to have everyone at work all working days as people are compelled to be at different locations on the situations they face in life. The company therefore should strive to achieve a balance between full attendance and supporting workers when they are compelled out of work.

One of the steps you can take is monitoring and measuring absence. If you want to reduce absenteeism you must measure it first. A simple monitoring system requires all workers to fill papers that fully state both the planned and the unplanned absence. The must absence includes pre-booked doctor’s appointments and holidays.
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Other times an employee might ask for some duration to leave early or come in late. Things like sickness and natural disasters are unplanned for and compel people out of work. With the monitoring and the measuring policy, absenteeism is counter checked.
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You could also monitor the absenteeism by having an absence reporting procedure. Your employees should be required to make a CALL to the manager or supervisor. As your employees call to request for a day off let them give enough reasons for the same. Stern caution of discipline should be made aware of all the workers who fail to follow the reporting procedure.

If able, you should hire a doctor to be at your company throughout. Vaccinations and other necessary treatment should be offered to your workers at the comfort of your space. If you have a company doctor, you can have your workers stay for the job without going for a medical leave.

If you have any preventative measure you can take, do so for the company. You should take advantage of the measures you can offer to your services if they will contribute to minimized truancy. You should give time breaks for some exercises, fitness instruction and healthy education for your workers.

Your Company can also have a written document containing details of truancy. It should have clearly documented and communicated to employees and management team. The objectives, processes and procedures should be clear and understandable to all. You should once in while get a team to countercheck the effectiveness of the policy.